Maureen and her brother, circa 1986

 About Maureen 

At a Glance:

  • Married with 4 children, currently in middle and elementary school

  • Product of public schools

  • Stafford County resident for 16 years

  • Garrisonville District resident for 6 years

  • B.A. in Political Science & Public Affairs

  • Experience working at the county, state and federal levels of government, including the White House

  • Policy savvy due to her work in the government affairs space with a focus on education policy

  • School Board Advisory Committee member for 4 years (Chair for 2)

  • PTO Member & volunteer

  • Volunteer at local and regional level with a national girls youth leadership development program

Full Bio:

Maureen grew up in Freehold, NJ with her younger brother and parents. A product of public schools, Maureen participated in softball, swim team, and various parks & rec summer programs. It was in high school, through her involvement in the Junior Statesmen of America, that Maureen truly discovered the incredible privilege of citizenship and the responsibility that came with it. As soon as she was of age, Maureen worked for her local government in any office that needed her skills: including human resources, consumer affairs and court offices, including being chosen to work on a state-local partnership to roll out a newly enacted youth protection law.  

When she enrolled in Elmira College, Maureen's goal was to earn a degree that would lead to a career in public service. She chose this college because of its requirement for graduates to participate in community service, as well as complete an internship. After completing her community service hours with the local Downtown Development Council and her internship at the White House, Maureen graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Public Affairs.  

Ultimately, Maureen relocated to the DC Metro area with her husband, Steve, and worked in Higher Education helping families transition with their children to higher education and serving the alumni population. She later worked in the non-profit sector where she could use her listening and problem solving skills to ensure the organizations' constituents' needs were met. For the past 6 years, Maureen has worked in client relations for a small government affairs firm that specializes in education, youth development, sports, health & wellness, and civil rights. It is this work that opened Maureen's eyes to the challenges public schools face to educate our nation's children and the challenges families face to ensure their children learn.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Maureen has served on the Stafford County School Board's Gifted Advisory Committee for 4 years where she has served as both Vice Chair and Chair, as well as on the PTOs of her children's schools. She is the Troop Coordinator of the local American Heritage Girls troop and serves on the DC Metro Area Leadership team. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maureen orchestrated an annual weekend Camporee in Fredericksburg, VA, that was attended by 1000 K-12 girls from troops in 7 states. One of the largest events of it's kind in the D.C. Metro area, she lead planning the curriculum and securing community experts to educate the young women. She is looking forward to coordinating this again in 2021!

The Siegmunds moved to Stafford County in 2005 and to the Garrisonville District in 2016. Maureen, Steve, and their 4 children enjoy their neighbors in Austin Ridge and becoming part of the Anthony Burns and Rodney Thompson school communities.  (You may even have seen them walking each day on Austin Ridge Road!)  Outside of school, they are parishioners of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, in Fredericksburg, VA, and also participate in American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA. The Siegmund children enjoy playing basketball, football, and volleyball through Stafford County Parks & Recreation and soccer through Stafford Soccer.

Maureen looks forward to meeting as many of her Garrisonville neighbors as possible throughout this campaign process. If you have anything you wish to share or would like to discuss your child's educational experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maureen at


The Siegmund Family (2021)